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We know that just our word that our program is the best program around is not enough, so below are some statements from previous urban farm trainees.

“Normally being with a bunch of strangers for a week would be very annoying to me, however, this program was so fun and the people were so great, that I wish the program had been longer.  Great job Farm Fort Lauderdale School”

“Farm Fort Lauderdale School’s Alternative Spring Break program is so much more than just waking up early and going to work on the farm.  This program provides the best atmosphere to make friends and to learn how to operate in an urban area.  The chance to do something different in a different location was so great.  I will remember this experience forever.”

“This program really opened my eyes to not only how a micro farm is run, but also how to run a small business.  I definitely think I am more ready to handle the obstacles of running an urban farm.”

“I wish I had known about this program last year.  I enjoyed myself so much that I will be back next year.”

“The biggest and best thing I am taking away from this program is how important good human relations are to have.  No matter where someone is from or their skill level, at the end of the day we all have the same goals, and this program really opened my mind to that fact.”

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