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Fort Lauderdale Vegetables LLC was founded on the principle that local farms and farmers are fundamental to community building, improving the environment, a source of safe reliable food and creating economical living wage careers in sustainable agriculture.

The fact there is a lot of un-recovered waste and pollution in getting the food we eat from the farm to the table, mostly in transportation and refrigerated storage, caused Architect Michael Madfis, his daughter Haylee and son Robbie to consider how they could grow food right where it is eaten instead of somewhere most of us have never been.  They wondered if they could reduce and even eliminate the waste in the food delivery system and improve the quality of food by doing so, would it be even more cost effective.

They studied methods of micro farming currently in use for two years and developed a system that uses 85% less water than conventional in grown farming while increasing productivity by 400% in the same area of land. They have learned how to grow a wide verity of produce all year round in South Florida, using all natural methods, including fertilizers form compost, worm post, seaweed, and fish bones and pesticides are all natural from fish oil, garlic oil, soaps, flowers, and beneficial insects and worms.

Since starting the farms in 2009, Mr. Madfis has strived to educate the local and national community about urban farming and it’s benefits, and in 2015 the Alternative Spring Break Program was born.

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