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6 Tools for Your Urban Farm

Starting an urban farm can be very rewarding.  Not only is it relaxing, but it can also give a person a sense of accomplishment by allowing them to provide for their community.  One of the best ways to ensure that the farm is successful is to have all of the correct tools.  Below is another look at some essential tools for all urban farms.  Check out our previous blog post “5 Tools Every Farmer Should Have” to see a few other items that a successful farm should carry.

Tool #1: Loppers – These are tools that are used to cut branches that are ½ inch to 1 inch thick.  Usually, these items are used when pruners aren’t strong enough to do the job.  Additionally, this tool is great for urban gardeners, because it has a long handle which makes it very easy to use with two hands.

Tool #2: Pruning Saw – This perfectly helpful tool is great for dealing with thicker branches.  Additionally, this item can be bought in a “foldable” format, thus making it perfect for storing in smaller areas.

Tool #3: Hand Fork, Claw or Hand Cultivator – Every farmer and/or urban gardener will find themselves having to do the daunting task of scraping soil surfaces to remove weeds, and these items are great for that.  They are light weight, durable, and easy to use, thus making the job easier and more efficient.

Tool #4: Rake – The rake is a standard item that anyone with a yard knows they need.  However, there are two different kinds of rakes, each with their own purpose.  A fan rake is more for raking leaves and debris, while a straight rake (or bow rake) is used for leveling soil and smoothing gravel.  Both are useful tools for a person to have.

Tool #5: Buckets – Just like the rake, buckets are a commonly used and must have item.  Used for a variety of reasons, like holding weeds, or water, the bucket is perfect for all urban garden tasks.

Tool #6: Wheelbarrow – The last item on this list is a wheelbarrow.  This tool is important as it allows for large loads to be carried rather easily, and it’s also great for transporting tools from one place to another.

What are some other tools that you think a farmer should have?  Is there any we missed?  Leave your answers in the comment section below.

Michael Madfis is an experienced agricultural farmer.  With the success of his two farms, Fort Lauderdale Vegetables and Flagler Village, Mr. Madfis has been able to provide the community of Fort Lauderdale with fresh produce since 2009.  To learn more, contact him at or via email at

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