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4 Ways to Turn a Garden into a Masterpiece

Gardens are wonderful as they are not only beautiful, but tending to one can be very peaceful and rewarding to a lot of people.  There are many different ways an area can be made into a gorgeous, unique place.  Below are four ideas that can make any yard a masterpiece.

Design Idea #1: Think outside the box – One of the great things about gardens is that they can be made into a unique piece of art that expresses the homeowner’s own brand of style.  Something as easy as a mobile garden, simply add casters to metal trash cans thus creating planters that can be moved with minimum effort, can turn a normal garden into something interesting and fun.

Design Idea #2: Beauty Doesn’t Have to Be Complex – Something as simple as grouping a bunch of planting pots of various sizes together, can turn an ordinary vegetable garden, into something rather pretty and extraordinary.  Additionally, by grouping the pots together, a more humid mini climate is created for the plants, thus limiting the amount of moisture the leaves and the potting mix would receive.

Design Idea #3: Decorate everything – If the plot is located in an area where there is minimal space, using every available section is a must.  Using colorful flower vines to decorate the walls and other areas of the lot is a great way to make the garden beautiful and bright.

Design Idea #4: Plant Other Things – When deciding what to plant in a garden, it’s a good idea to think about planting other things besides the standard, usual plants.  Chile peppers are great for sunny, hot locations, like South Florida, and they don’t take up much space.

Michael Madfis is an experienced agricultural farmer.  With the success of his two farms, Fort Lauderdale Vegetables and Flagler Village, Mr. Madfis has been able to provide the community of Fort Lauderdale with fresh produce since 2009.  To learn more, contact him at or via email at

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