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4 Marketing Tips For Your Urban Farm

Having a solid marketing plan is a great idea for farmers as it helps ensure that their farm will be a success.  With an appealing campaign these individuals can increase their profits and expand their customer base, while keeping costs low.  Below are 4 tips for successfully marketing an urban farm.

Tip #1: Know your Target Market – Although this tip may seem like a no brainer, it’s amazing how many business owners see this as one of the last steps they need to fully flesh out.  It’s important that when a farmer decides to market their urban farm to the community they put more thought into who their customers will be and/or who they want their customers to be.  Things like are the consumers young, middle-aged or retired, or do women buy more frequently from the farm then men, are important to know as it will help the farmer and/or marketing coordinator figure out the best marketing strategy possible.

Tip #2: A WOW Factor is Very Important – When coming up with the selling proposition for something as unique as an urban farm, it’s important for farmers to understand how their farm is different from the other urban farms, and farmers market.  Additionally, it is important to remember that every unique selling proposition is clear, simple and concise.

Tip #3: Design an Interesting Logo – Every business needs a logo, even something as small as an urban farm.  Logos can be as simple as the name of the farm in a beautiful and unique font and color, or it could be rather complex and include illustrations pertaining to the farm.  Whatever the logo is, it’s important to remember that the logo should always remind customers and potential customers of the farm and product.

Tip #4: Create a website – In 2016, all businesses have a website, but it’s important for farms to ensure that their website is not only cost effective, but pleasing to their customers as well.  A website is also a great way for farmers to take the marketing of their farm to the next level without making a huge investment.

What are some other unique marketing ideas that an urban farmer can use?  Leave your ideas in the comment section below.

Michael Madfis is an experienced agricultural farmer.  With the success of his two farms, Fort Lauderdale Vegetables and Flagler Village, Mr. Madfis has been able to provide the community of Fort Lauderdale with fresh produce since 2009.  To learn more, contact him at or via email at

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