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5 Tools Every Farmer Should Have

Running an urban garden can be very fulfilling, fun, and helpful to the local community, but getting started can sometimes be overwhelming.  So, in order to make the micro farm experience more rewarding below are 5 Tools Every Urban Farmer Should Have.  This is just a short list, to help get people started, there are many other tools that are needed to run a successful farm, and a good resource to check would be the local hardware store.

Tool #1: Trowel

The number one tool that should be in a farm is a trowel.  A trowel is a miniature shovel that is used to make planting holes (for small plants or bulbs), and they are good for digging out weeds.  Buying a higher end version of this tool is a good idea, since it is used a lot when gardening.

Tool #2: Garden Shovel (Spade)

For the second tool, a stainless steel blade and a handle made of tight-grained wood, like ash, is a great idea, since this tool also gets a lot of use.  When choosing this particular item, it is best to go with a weight and length that works best for the individual using the item.

Tool #3: Large Shovel

The large shovel is an important item for all gardens and farms because it is used for digging large holes for bigger plants, like shrubs and trees.  Known as a round-point shovel, this tool usually has a round edge and a very sharp, pointed tip.

Tool #4: Hoe

A hoe is an important tool for farming, as it is used for larger weeding jobs and for making furrows (a long narrow trench made in the ground for planting seeds or irrigation).  There are many different blade shapes for different reasons, like some types only work on the pull stroke, while other types work on the push stroke, this blade also needs to be sharpened regularly.

Tool #5: Hand Pruners or Clippers

Lastly, hand pruners or clippers are used to cut branches up to ½ inch in size.  They are also used to remove dead flower heads, sea pods, trimming back small branches, cutting back dead stems, or slicing open leaf galls.

What are some of the tools you use for your garden?  What are some of the tools you avoid?  Leave your answers in the comments section.

Michael Madfis is an experienced agricultural farmer.  With the success of his two farms, Fort Lauderdale Vegetables and Flagler Village, Mr. Madfis has been able to provide the community of Fort Lauderdale with fresh produce since 2009.  To learn more, contact him at or via email at


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